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Truth the Cartoon is a joint venture between Piero Tonin and Allan Hansen. Piero does the drawings and creative work, while Allan does the writing.

Piero Tonin

PIERO TONIN is an internationally respected illustrator, whose talents as both artist and animator have been in great demand in Italian television and in print and advertising media all over the world.

Major collaborations and projects: Commercials and TV credits for "Mediaset", a company managing the TV networks "Canale 5", "Italia 1" and "Retequattro".

Animated commercials for "Henninger" Beer, "Danone" ("Dannon"), and "Nordica-Benetton Sportsystem".

Storyboard for TV credits sponsored by "LEGO".

Cartoon characters for "Rollerblade" to be used in posters and instruction manuals, published worldwide in 5 languages.

Worked for the "Animation Studio" by Giuseppe Lagana' (Bruno Bozzetto's collaborator), in Milan, Italy.

Worked as animator for the award winning animated feature "The Blue Arrow" ("La Freccia Azzurra") directed by Enzo D' Alo'.

Piero's cartoons have been published by the Discovery Channel website and the European Business Forum magazine.

Piero has also wrote, animated and directed "Lunch Break", original short film.

Visit Piero Tonin's website at

Allan Hansen

ALLAN HANSEN is professiobal web programmer. He has created many large projects, including the huge success,

In his spare time, he likes to make up cartoons.

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